Ijesa Youth Development Foundation - Discover the best in our youths!

About IYD Centre

Ijesa Youth Development Centre's proposal is to set up a one-stop centre where Nigerian youths (able and disable) aged 13 – 30 years, particularly of Ijesa descent will be trained to optimize their academic skills and talents sports. On graduating from the centre, they will go out to compete in the outside world. It will also encourage entrepreneurial skills development as well as job creation through self employment.

Principal Facilities

• Well-equipped modern library
• ICT rooms and training centre
• Drama and music training workshops
• Outdoor and indoor sports facilities
• Able and disable development programmes
• Mathematical Centre
• Classrooms & Conference auditoria
• Sound proof recording studio
• Tennis, Handball, Basketball, Netball courts

Prospective Clients

• Youths (able/disabled) who are between 13 and 30 years old who are students
• Youths who have left school or not at school for some reason, such as poverty
• Graduates from university or college who wish to acquire entrepreneurial skills as well as sporting competencies
• Others within the community who are desirous to benefit from the facilities of the centre for physical fitness purposes